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We wanted to take a little break from talking about good products for your dog and talk a little bit about one of our own dogs, Maddie. Maddie is a spunky rat terrier and cattle dog mix that we adopted from a local Bay Area organization called Furry Friends Rescue. They are an all-volunteer, non-profit located in the Bay Area that provides each rescued animal with veterinary care and a foster home. When we started looking for our third dog, we already had our two fur babies, Lisa (Shitzu Mix, 5 years old) and Charlie (Maltese, 8 years old). We loved taking care of them and knew that the third addition to our Ecohug family was just what we needed. The more the merrier!

We started by looking online at local shelters and visiting them weekly. We went as far as driving two hours to another shelter, which was a bit more overcrowded and had a bigger selection. What we were looking for was that special connection to one of the dogs, and while we met some adorable, very friendly dogs, none of them really spoke to us. That is until we stumbled upon the website of Furry Friends Rescue and saw Maddie. I remember taking a screen shot of my phone and sending it over to my husband with the words “We got to see her!”.

We waited until the viewing, which I believe happened every two weeks or so, arriving extra early at the place with our paperwork filled out, just in case. As soon as we saw Maddie, we were in love. We got to pick her up and hold her, getting covered with licks and kisses in the process. She was licking us so hard that I couldn’t stop laughing, closing my eyes to keep my eyeballs from getting licked by her. We knew we had to have her.

And then came the surprise. Not only was another family trying to adopt her as well, but we had to wait for the rescue organization to come check out our house and do a meet and greet with our other 2 dogs. We loved the fact that this organization really wanted to make sure that our home was suitable but it was so nerve-racking having to wait and see if we were a “good fit”.

In the next week or so, we had Sue, a volunteer from the rescue organization come to our house and make sure we were ready for a dog. We passed! We got along great and made sure we puppy proofed our house, bought her a new cage and accessories. Then we got to take Charlie and Lisa to Palo Alto (where she was fostered at the time) to meet Maddie, who honestly freaked them both out by being her hyper puppy self. I remember Charlie and Lisa hiding behind me as she lunged from her leash and tried to puppy kiss them as well. Overall, it was a great meet and finally Charlie and Lisa got along with her and stopped being terrified.

This is one of the first pictures we took of Maddie on the ride back home when we finally got to pick her up. Look how little she used to be, about 6 pounds or so. And this was also before she grew into her snout, which stretched out over time. She slept half the way and covered us with kisses the rest of the way.

To this day, Maddie continues to be hyper, loving and sweet little girl who wants love and attention. She loves licking and sometimes we have to wear socks around the house so that our toes don’t constantly get licked. Or she will wake us up with warm kisses until you finally open your eyes and realize that yes, she is licking your face and you are still half asleep. She loves being petted, is always down to learn new tricks and meet new people. She is a bit shy, with her tail falling to the ground when she meets a new dog while trying to lick them hello at the same time.

Below is another great picture of Lisa’s and Maddie’s constant play fights, with growl sounds heard throughout the house. They run and chase each other, knocking things over in the process, finally lunging onto each other and rolling around with their tails up in the air. Then, Maddie resorts to giving Lisa kisses as they cuddle on the couch, barely able to move, exhausted. Maddie is a bit more gentle with Charlie, who is older and hates loud noises and any type of playing. She licks him hello every morning when he is barely awake, and like a grumpy older brother, he growls at her gently to buzz off. That never discourages her and the next morning, she is lick-kissing him again and again.


We hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Maddie and our other dogs, and that our story inspired you guys to adopt a dog instead of buying one. There are so many great dogs waiting in rescue organizations and shelters, you just have to be patient and keep looking!

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Welcome to our Ecohug Blog! When we are not managing our online store, Ecohug, you can find us here, blogging about our favorite topics on dog health, nutrition and posting recipes, product reviews and much more! We hope you enjoy! xoxo Charlie, Lisa and Maddie.

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