Farm Fresh Plush Dog Toys

Plush Dog Toys collection by Ecohug

We are so happy to announce these new additions for fall – fruit and veggie plush dog toys! In this collection, we have pumpkin, carrot, pea-pod, corn and apple plush! Of the biggest, the pumpkin plush dog toy takes the lead! It is perfect for bigger dogs or small dogs who love to cuddle with their toys. Oh, and you can definitely use it as house decoration (until your dog notices of course).

Plush Dog Toys - Carrot Dog Toy, Pumpkin Dog Toy, Corn Dog Toy, Apple Dog Toy
Farm Fresh Plush Dog Toys are here!


These toys are made by P.L.A.Y, who produces eco-friendly and safe dog toys. These guys are made out of soft cuddly fabrics, perfect to snuggle with and stuffed with 100% post-consumer and certified-safe recycled plastic bottles filler. They are non-toxic and dyed with AZO free dye to ensure that your dog is safe when nibbling on these beauties. What we also love about P.L.A.Y. toys is that they meet all the same strict quality standards for manufacturing as infant and children products, so you doggies are in good hands.

We have decided to create a little photoshoot to show you guys how cute these toys really are. We couldn’t resist putting Charlie (our 8 year old Maltese) in the little wooden buggy and I don’t think he minded 🙂

Plush Dog Toys - Carrot Dog Toy
Charlie posing with our new toy collection 🙂
Corn Plush Dog Toys by Ecohug
Corn Plush Dog Toy

Also, each toy comes with a fun recipe that you can make for your pup. We won’t give them away here so you will just have to get one of these toys and try out the recipe. Let us know what you guys think and which toy you like the best! To view them, head over to our website.

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