West Paw Dog Toys & Cold Weather


So, it has been cold, rainy, and windy here in California and I can say that only some of us (Charlie and I only) are really enjoying this rainy weather. I love the rain and cold mostly because it happens so rarely and I simply love working at the office while I watch the rain droplets hit the window. Charlie is a huge supporter of the rain because that means he doesn’t have to go on a walk and even if the girls get a short walk that day, he gets to be carried because he doesn’t like his feet getting wet 🙂 I know, quite spoiled little guy….

 Our two girls, Maddie (Rat Terrier/Heeler Mix, 2  years old) and Lisa (Lhasa Apso, 5 years old) hate the rain because that means short, brief walks and lots of build up energy at the house which they have been taking out on their toys, particularly Maddie. When Maddie was younger, a toy would not last in our house for more than an hour without being destroyed into shreds and pieces. Every time she got a new toy, she made it her goal to break that toy apart as fast as she could and not give up until the job was done. However, over the last year, she has become a bit more calm with them.
Jax and Bones Dog Toys
She didn’t stop until this one was gone!
Lisa, on the other hand, was a bit more calm towards her toys. She carried them around the house and took them on walks, growled and tossed them around but never actually destroyed them. Sometimes she would really be into her toys and sometimes she would ignore them for months. When Maddie joined our family, Lisa became a bit bossier, often showing Maddie who was the “toy owner” by taking them from her mid-play. She would then lay down right next to Maddie with the toy nestled between her teeth and Maddie sadly staring back. At first, we used to interfere and take the toy away from Lisa and give it back to Maddie. However, it became clear to us that this would only cause resentment and anger from Lisa towards Maddie, so we stopped. Instead, we let them settle it on their own and to our surprise, after about 5 minutes, Lisa would get bored of holding the toy and give it back to Maddie.
West Paw dog toys
West Paw Dog Toys are stocked up in our store!

Since Maddie has always been a huge toy lover, we have decided to let her be our “toy tester” for the store and every time a new shipment would arrive, she got to pick out one toy she wanted. Every time a huge box would arrive, Maddie was happily greeting the mailman at our warehouse, ready to choose one for herself. So today we have received a new shipment of West Paw Design dog toys and my excitement is as big as Maddie’s. Since we opened, we have never carried West Paw dog toys but have been asked by many of our customers about them. We decided to wait until the new year before stocking up, and they are finally here!!!

Over the last few years, we have made several goals for our dogs. We wanted them to be healthy and happy. That meant feeding them a variety of good quality food, giving them lots of love and attention, and providing them with toys that were non-toxic and preferably made in the United States. Dogs spend so much time with the toy in their mouth that harmful chemicals and toxins from fabrics and rubbers are likely to get absorbed into their bodies and built up over time causing diseases.
Salsa dog toy
Maddie with her Salsa Toy
What we really love about West Paw dog toys is that they use eco-friendly fabrics and stuffing, and their rubber toys are made out of non-toxic materials and they are all made in Montana, USA. Plus, they have so many different toys to choose from – plush, interactive, rubber – that there is really something for every dog in their collection. Now, let’s see which toy Maddie will choose?

About Ecohug

Welcome to our Ecohug Blog! When we are not managing our online store, Ecohug, you can find us here, blogging about our favorite topics on dog health, nutrition and posting recipes, product reviews and much more! We hope you enjoy! xoxo Charlie, Lisa and Maddie.

12 Responses

  1. Amy

    It was nice to learn more about your gang. And the dog toys. I am so careful about dog food, but never thought about what’s in the toys dogs put into their mouths. With our new dog, I will be careful about what toys we buy her now. (She currently only has one toy.) Thanks!

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  2. Those look like fun. Tippy used to tear all of her toys up in minutes too. Finally, at Christmas, I got her a stuffed, squeaky hedgehog. So far, she has just played with it and not tried to rip it to shreds. I guess she’s growing up.

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  3. Thanks for the tips on west paw; I’ll check them out on Echohug. My Kloe, a 70 pound Golden Retriever puppy (10 months), also destroys any toy we bring home as tough as they may advertised. And with the weather, rain and snow) she has been mostly home bound for a week or so and lots of energy. Maybe you can recommend some tough non squeaky toy that you’ve found to be highly durable and “Maddie-proof”. If it’s got a squeaker Kloe will find a way to get it out destroying any fabric or material that gets in her way 😊

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  4. Jack used to do the same thing to any toy that Piper had. She would just go and get another and he would take that from her as well. Eventually he would have every toy in the house around him and Piper would go find a blanket to curl up on. So he’d take that too. I am definitely going to be looking at the Zooflex Bones since Leo is a fairly aggressive chewer. Love that pic of Maddie.

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