Videos We Like: The Oldest Pets in the World

Dog Lifespan, Nutrition and Health

Over the last few years, we have been collecting videos and articles that really inspired us. We decided that it was time to share those with you, hopefully, to inspire and provoke questions and give you a reason to seek answers. Here is one on nutrition and the lifespan of our pets. We hope you enjoy.

Created By Planet Paws

Questions to ponder:

  • What should be the lifespan of our dogs and cats?
  • Why has that lifespan decreased over the years?
  • What can we as pet parents do to help our pets live longer again?


About Ecohug

Welcome to our Ecohug Blog! When we are not managing our online store, Ecohug, you can find us here, blogging about our favorite topics on dog health, nutrition and posting recipes, product reviews and much more! We hope you enjoy! xoxo Charlie, Lisa and Maddie.

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